Immigration Application

After the application is filed, the applicant will be notified to appear for biometrics collection which will involve the taking of the applicant’s picture, signature and index fingerprint. 
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If the applicant is at least 14 years old, an FBI fingerprint check will be performed as well.  The information gathered from this process will be used for the creation of the green card as well as to create employment authorization and/or advance parole document.  An appointment notice will be sent if an interview is required.  If the application is approved, the applicant should receive the green card within 2 weeks after Form I-485 is approved.
Travel outside of the U.S. while the adjustment of status application is pending should not occur until the applicant requests a travel document, also known as advance parole, by filing Form I-131.  Form I-131 can be filed concurrently with the adjustment application or at anytime while the application for adjustment is pending.  The travel document should be obtained PRIOR to departing the U.S.  If not, USCIS will consider the adjustment application abandoned and the applicant will not be able to return lawfully to the U.S.

Those who obtain permanent residence under the Help Haiti Act of 2010 will be eligible for U.S. citizenship under INA Section 320 and 322 if before the applicant’s 18th birthday, he/she

  1. Obtained permanent resident status under the Act AND
  2. Is adopted by a U.S. citizen.

Under normal circumstances, a child must be adopted before their 16th birthday to obtain citizenship through their adoptive parents.  Help Haiti Act, however, enables children up to 18 years old to be adopted.